This urban interactive art installation designed & executed by the Basecamp team, is a tribute to the silent heroes that are rebuilding our city; as well as a means to consolidate donations and continue to contribute towards joint efforts in bettering our city & nation.



Zikra - Reminiscence

The nightlife, the vendors, the traffic,
the honks, the neighbors, etc...
The revolution


Karitha - Disaster

August 4, 2020


Shifa - Healing

The cleanup, the volunteers,
the reconstruction, the mourning,
the silence and still rebuild


Support 20 NGOs that will benefit from donations made through this installation.
Funds that will be raised will be allocated towards joint initiatives depending on NGO specialty as well as the selected subjects donors wish to contribute to.



    Once you submit, please make sure you are redirected to "FUND A HOPE" to complete your donation. Thank you!

    Baytna Baytak

    Simultaneously managing the rebuilding of damaged houses and providing housing for displaced citizens and healthcare workers.


    To ensure that mental health and access to care is positioned as a basic human right that must be met for all persons, through awareness, advocacy, and dignified mental health services across the spectrum of care.

    Rise Up Lebanon

    Rise Up Lebanon is a grass-roots initiative that was launched after the Beirut blast to support the main pillar of the economic cycle in the affected neighborhoods of Beirut: Micro, Small, and Medium businesses; enabling these businesses to thrive sustainably- Strengthening local communities in Lebanon.

    Nation Station

    Nation Station is grassroots initiative and community hub tackling the many challenges faced by the citizens of the blast-affected area of Geitawi/Roum/Rmeil. Nation Station is focused on “empowerment over charity” in order to ensure the sustainability of all of its endeavors. The common goal of all of Nation Station’s projects is to mobilize the youth, empower and employ the community, and ultimately aid the most vulnerable members of the local population.

    Teach a child

    Teach A Child is a non-profit organization that provides access to education for underprivileged students across Lebanon by covering all the expenses related to their education regardless of their gender, religion, location or performance.


    In 2010, we created a movement of young changemakers who believe in voluntarily putting their blood, hands and time at the service of the community. Through selfless giving, strong partnerships and consistent hard work, we are on a mission to improve the blood donation system in the country.

    Offre Joie

    Offrejoie is an apolitical and non-confessional NGO uniting the Lebanese family since 1985 around its values of Love, Respect, and Forgiveness. Our programs are divided into 3 main categories; national unity activities, summer camps, and social development. Following the Beirut blast on August 4, 2020, Offrejoie responded quickly by assessing the damages and setting up an emergency rehabilitation program in two of the most severely damaged neighborhoods in Karantina and Mar Mikhael to rebuild buildings and homes as well as Al Najat church, and the Beirut Fire Brigade. At end of July 2021, over 6000 volunteers from Lebanon and across the globe including 18 nationalities answered our call for solidarity to stand by the residents affected by this tragedy but also to ensure a new understanding of citizenship around hope, justice, truth, and accountability that are vital for Lebanon’s future.


    AFAAL is a social and political platform that empowers citizens to implement civic projects and find solutions to the problems we face daily in Lebanon.

    Operation Big Blue

    Operation Big Blue Association (OBBA) since 1997 to conserve and protect coastal and marine biodiversity through clean up campains, education and awarness, policy making, networking, beach management and animal rescue operations.

    Cedar Environmental

    A Zero Waste approach to waste management. Waste is not a problem, waste is a resource.


    Our mission focus is on innocent childrenacross Lebanon, the ones living in poor conditions, facingrisks of delinquency, dropping out of schools, and suffering of malnutrition. Thesechildren have equalrights to opportunities, dignity, to live a decent life, and to beprovidedwitheducation for a better future.

    We deserve better foundation

    WDBF was launched to support the victims of the explosion, and our mission is to reach as many unfortunate people as possible and provide emotional, physical and financial support.Our programs include Beirut blast relief, sustainability, women empowerment and education. Aiming to move closer and closer to the living that we deserve by joining hands together.

    Arc en ciel

    arcenciel is a Lebanese-based non-profit organization established in 1985 during the Lebanese civil war. It was recognized as a public interest NGO in 1995 by Presidential Decree N7541.With five core programs, being implemented at 12 centers across Lebanon, arcenciel’s main goal is to work with every person in need.arcenciel aims to vigorously advance national policies in all the sectors in which it is active while keeping a non-confessional and apolitical stance.


    Bassma is a Lebanese non-profit association for social development, founded in 2002 (178A/D), which aims to empower the most destitute families and help them become self-sufficient, without any political or religious discrimination.


    himaya is a local NGO fighting all forms of child abuse since 2009, with the vision of making child protection a right everywhere across Lebanon.

    Windows for Beirut

    Windows For Beirut is a French non-profit organization under the aegis of Fondation Architectes du Monde (FAU).Founded with the support of Emergency Architects (also under the aegis of FAU) on the 13th August 2020, we have four main objectives: Help the Lebanese people get back safely to their homes by repairing and reconstructing their habitat, Initiate social development projects to create jobs and revenue in vulnerable areas, Contribute to the preservation of architectural heritage and Provide training in Emergency architecture.

    Beit El Diyafeh

    Helping 400 families in need since 1990. Sponsored the full repair of 155 houses affected by the Beirut Blast.

    Oum el Fadi – Teta w Jeddo

    Emergency project launched following August 4th blast with the main focus on isolated elderlies within the affected areas.


    Nusaned is a humanitarian, community-based and volunteer organization. We believe that the power to create change comes from working collaboratively.
    • Nusaned does not engage in any political activity, and remains at equal distance from all religions. We support communities based on a non-biased, egalitarian and value-based needs assessment process.Our three main programs were created to support our mission to provide shelter, food security, and economic opportunities to under-privileged Lebanese communities, supporting them to become self-sufficient and resilient.

    Together Li Beirut

    together libeirut, is a collaborative campaign dedicated to a sustainable recovery of lebanon’s capital following the devastating explosion of its port on august 4. it aims at reviving both the socio-economic fabric and character of beirut’s neighborhoods by facilitating access to healthcare and mental health services, promoting heritage restoration, and offering comprehensive support to small businesses to preserve livelihoods.