Born "from under the rubble", the Basecamp was initiated as a grassroots,
youth led movement that decided to take matters into their own hands
as a result of government absence and failure in a time of crisis.

The Basecamp was originally deployed as a disaster relief camp in the aftermath of the Beirut blast on August 4th, 2020 that destroyed a substantial part of the city. In record time, the Basecamp brought together NGOs, associations, and over 3000 volunteers together, with the sole purpose of supporting families that had been affected by the blast; as the first organized coalition initiative from the Lebanese civil society, NGOs and social movements.
A full year later, and in constant collaboration with NGOs across the country; with the help of donors and volunteers from every corner of the globe; the Basecamp has been able to continue operating, relieve, rehabilitate and contribute in many ways.
Together, the Basecamp and its members have been able to help thousands in dire need, as well as create job opportunities and develop programs that have all, and in consequence, instilled hope, and inspire a society and country that has unfortunately been on the verge of total collapse for far too long.

Today, and following months of experience on the ground, the Basecamp advocates and tackles
Sustainability as a holistic, social based approach that includes all 4 bases of the sustainable society model





The Basecamp operates as a communications & ground-works engine & platform made up of professionals and dedicated individuals in a variety of fields. Whether through their own resources or in collaboration with other specialized NGOs and respected entities, the Basecamp is on a continuous mission to mobilize, organize, coordinate or support, activate and even execute Sustainable initiatives.